Income Report November 2019

by Alan Young

The income earned every month is deposited at different times depending on holding delays for each income source. The below earnings do not reflect the exact amount of income earned, but it does represent it as close as possible for the month shown. 

Hey what’s going on! Welcome to my first ever income report!


I’ve been meaning to start an income report for a long time now, and I kinda wish I did it earlier so you could see the full journey from earning $0 a month to where I am at this month.

Maybe I’ll go back and work it all out add those income reports at a later date but at least I have started today.

I’m going to make this a consistent feature for this blog, as I not only want to INSPIRE YOU, I want to track my progress each month and this is a great way to do it. 

I remember reading so many of these in my early days of blogging and it helped keep me motivated as I could see others having success.

I’m not quite where I want to be yet, but I’ve already achieved my first big goal and that is to be fully self-supporting through my blog.

Over the next year, it will be really cool to see the journey starting from this first income report.

I really hope you find it helpful.

So, let’s get into it.

I have a few blogs to go through with you (some a bit neglected), but I will let you know about them all.

Just so you know, I don’t give away my blog names and the affiliate products I promote as I want to limit the competition as I have worked hard to find some good products to promote which are not overly saturated.


I will let you know what niche each site is in, and the type of products I promote.

Sound fair?

Cool, let’s get into this!

How Much Money My Blogs Made In November 2019

How I wish the money came to me 🙂

Site 1: Earnings Nov 2019 – $1177.69  

Niche: Metaphysical/spiritual  

The earnings from this site came from 2 sources. Ad revenue and affiliate revenue.

My ad revenue was $764.46 and my affiliate revenue was $413.23.

I am with Mediavine and this month was my best month yet.

Even though my traffic was down due to the fact I was working most of the month on The 25k Blog Challenge and I didn’t add much new content or Pin on Pinterest as much as I usually do, the overall revenue was up because my RPM was up this month. 

Black Friday weekend definitely helped!

The affiliate earnings are from one product I promote via some banners that I’ve added to the site. I added a few simple banners in the posts and one in the header and that is all. 

At the moment I just a direct link to their offer from the banners which I shouldn’t really do.

I need to build a list and THEN promote that affiliate product. 

Then I would earn the commission AND build a list that I can promote other products with.

Note to self: DO THIS ASAP!

Site 2: Earnings Nov 2019 – $726.39

Niche: Health Related

The earnings from this site came from 1 source. Affiliate revenue.

This site is starting to do really well for me now, and because of that, I’m now putting more effort into content.

This is still a baby site with about 20 posts but it’s showing me it’s potential really early on.

What I’ve done on this site is created some info articles on a specific topic then linked to an article on my site that offers a discount code to a product which ties in perfectly to the information they were looking for.

For example, if I was promoting a health supplement that helps with say arthritis, then I would create info articles around that topic then in those articles I would say hey if you looking for a product which helps with arthritis then check out this product which I love and you can get a discount code as well.

Obviously, it’s done better than that but you can see how I do it.  And just so you know the product I promote isn’t for arthritis 🙂

Lesson from this site: If you can find a good product in which the vendor can give you a discount code to offer your readers, and the commissions are still good, then you don’t necessarily need tons of content or traffic.

Discount code articles work great!

Also, the product I promote is a physical product with a 15% commission.

Site 3: Earnings Nov 2019 – $690.10

Niche: Make Money Online

The earnings from this site came from 1 source. Affiliate revenue.

This blog has been a bit neglected recently, I haven’t posted in months and it’s still making money. 

I’ve really fallen out of love with this site and I’m struggling to write content because of it.

There’s so much more I could do, but I just can’t bring myself to do it at the minute. I may outsource it at some point, but at the minute I’m happy to let it sit and make money.

On this site, I promote a few products via reviews and discount code articles. I also have info articles that I link to related articles that promote various products. 

Overall it’s 2 key products that made the bulk of that affiliate commission.

Both the products that make the bulk of the earnings are for online software.

Site 4: – Earnings Nov 2019 – $0.12

Niche: Home And Garden 

The earnings from this site came from 1 source. Affiliate revenue.

WOW I know, $0.12!

I might just retire now! 

Last month this site made $32.88 so it’s gone down this month.

The earnings from this site are from the Amazon affiliate program. This site does have potential as the two months previous it had done much better.

Last month this site sold $410.95 worth of products in which I made $32.88. I know that is still very low but I only have a handful of articles and the traffic is low as well. 

If I spent a month and added like 50 articles then this would definitely go up over time. 

Site number one also gets some commission from Amazon (about $2-$5 a month), but it gets sooo many more clicks. 

The problem is, it’s super small commission as it’s only books that I link to, and the commission rate is 4.5%.

On this site however, the average order is $100 and I get 8%!

Building on this site is on my to-do list, but I’m spread quite thin on my time so I need to find the time to work on it.

Other Revenue Nov 2019 – $659.44

I was unsure whether to put this down but I thought I might as well.

It’s not quite blogging revenue but it’s still income.

I have a Youtube channel which I promote some products and I get commissions from that. There’s also Youtube ad revenue which helps.

It works out as $253.44 from Youtube ad revenue and $406 from affiliate products that I link to from my channel.

Wanna See Some Proof?

Here are some screenshots of the bigger payments from my blog earnings.

Sometimes it helps to see a bit of proof.

This image is the earnings from Mediavine on site one for the month of November.

These earnings are from the affiliate product I promote on site one.

The earnings from the image below are from the affiliate product I promote on site two.

It shows some payments were in December but they were earnings from November just paid a few days into Dec.

I got paid halfway through the month for the first few week’s worth of affiliate commissions, then again on Dec 2nd & 3rd for that last few weeks of commission from Nov.

This is a screenshot of one of the earnings for software I promote on site three.

Again, the payment is on Dec 2nd but it was from the commissions earned in Nov.

There are more products that I get paid commissions for, but you can see the bulk of it.

I don’t want to slow down the page speed with too many images.

Hopefully, that’s enough proof for now.

Anyway, so now we’ve covered earnings,

Let’s talk expenses!

Expenses Nov 2019 – $753.03

Here is a list of expenses form Nov 2019. 

Hosting With WPX: $59.99

Fiver Gigs: $130.50

Hello Bar: $29

Writers on Upwork: $183.60

Canva Pro + Unlimted Images: $22.95

Domain Purchased From WPX: $10.99

Clickfunnels: $299

Key Search: $17

Tailwind: $19.98

That’s my total expenses for this month. Somethings are not quite directly blogging-related, for example Clickfunnels.

I’ve just signed up to Clickfunnels to host my training for The 25k Blog Challenge. It’s quite a big expense but I’ll cover this cost as people sign up for this blog training.

Also, I spent a bit more than usual on Fiverr because I had a podcast intro and outro created for the Freedom Through Blogging Podcast. (You should check it out, it’s the best around 😜)

Most people running a blog will spend a lot less, but as I’m trying to grow my business I am now investing back into it.

Over the next 12 months, I hope to get my blogs earning over $10k per month. 

I’m feeling pretty excited just saying it. 

I believe it’s more than possible. Hard work, focus and consistency and I will get there.

It just about doing more of what’s working. 

Gross Income – $3253.74

What matters most though is the net income. 

(Gross income  $3253.74) – (Expenses $753.03) = Net Income $2’500.71

If I didn’t have some of the higher cost expenses like Clickfunnels it would have been better, but hopefully it’s an investment that will pay off!

Lessons Learned From November.

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Overall from an income perspective, this was a good month as it went up from last month, but as a productivity perspective, it was a bad month.

I felt I could have managed my time so much better. 

I’ve been really struggling to get much done in the day while my son is at school.

When he’s back from school at 3:30pm I can’t really get much done so I need to do more in the free time between 9am – 3:30pm.

I’ve committed to getting up early, like mega early (4:30am) and getting stuff done in that few hours of quiet time. 

I used to do that before, and I would get so much important work done. 

If I can plan my tasks better, and get some more work done in those extra few hours then I think I can have a super productive month in December. 

Wish me luck.

I think that’s it for this month. Thanks for reading it.

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If you feel I can make these income reports better then let me know in the comments.

Income Report November 2019

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