Income Report December 2019

by Alan Young

The income earned every month is deposited at different times depending on holding delays for each income source. The below earnings do not reflect the exact amount of income earned, but it does represent it as close as possible for the month shown. 

Hey what’s going on! Welcome to Decembers income report!

The festive period is over. Now it’s back to work with a fresh year to start!

December has been HARD with a capital H to stay focused. 

So many things going on and not to mention my son was on School holiday so I was having fun with him as well.

That’s a great benefit of working from home, YOU can set your OWN schedule. 

No need to ask the boss because YOU ARE THE BOSS!

It’s also a pain when you want to actually work but hey ho take the good with the bad.

But seriously I wouldn’t change a thing.  

I feel truly blessed to be in the position I am in, and that’s what keeps me motivated to keep going and hopefully help some others along the way too. 

So, let’s get into it.

I have a few blogs to go through with you (some a bit neglected), but I will let you know about them all.

Just so you know, I don’t give away my blog names and the affiliate products I promote as I want to limit the competition as I have worked hard to find some good products to promote which are not overly saturated.


I will let you know what niche each site is in, and the type of products I promote.

Ok with that said let’s get into this!

How Much Money My Blogs Made In December 2019

Let it rain money! 😀

Site 1: Earnings December 2019 – $1309.13  

Niche: Metaphysical/spiritual  

The earnings from this site came from 2 sources. Ad revenue and affiliate revenue.

My ad revenue was $995.15 and my affiliate revenue was $313.98.

I am with Mediavine and this month was my best month yet.

I nearly hit $1000 just from ads. 

This really got me excited. My mission is now to triple my traffic in the next year.

Ads are so passive which is why I love them soooo much.

My RPM was still up this month due to it being the Christmas period. I do expect it to drop significantly next month but it’s still great.

The affiliate earnings are from one product I promote via some banners that I’ve added to the site.

I’ve got a few simple banners in the posts and one in the header and that is all. 

I’m going to change the affiliate program as I have to wait 60 days for commissions to be approved which I don’t like, plus I don’t think the product is converting as much as I’d like.

I’ll be trying a new affiliate product in January and will keep you updated. 

Getting affiliate earnings to $750 per month on this site and doing it as PASSIVE as possible is the next goal. 

I know if I built a list and THEN promote that affiliate product I would earn more, as I would earn commissions AND build a list that I can promote other products with.

I’ll try get round to it one day but I prefer to keep things as passive as possible. Email marketing gives me a headache lol. 

Site 2: Earnings December 2019 – $217.99

Niche: Health Related

The earnings from this site came from 1 source. Affiliate revenue.

The revenue was £166.72 which is roughly $217.99 with today’s current exchange rate.

This site took quite a dip in commissions this month and I think that is mainly due to the fact most people are focused on buying Christmas presents and not buying health supplements.

Also, I’ve added 2 new posts to this site in December which isn’t a lot, but I will start adding more to build traffic and revenue. 

I’m going to add some best x products type posts over the coming months and I’m sure that will help build the revenue.

I will also be adding info posts as well.

Once the traffic is high enough I will place ads on the site ad as they are so passive. 

Just so you know, what I’ve done on this site is created some info articles on a specific topic then linked to an article on my site that offers a discount code to a product which ties in perfectly to the information they were looking for.

For example, if I was promoting a health supplement that helps with say arthritis, then I would create info articles around that topic then in those articles I would say…

“hey if you looking for a product which helps with arthritis then check out this product which I love and you can get a discount code as well.”

Obviously, it’s done better than that but you can see how I do it.  And just so you know the product I promote isn’t for arthritis 🙂

Lesson from this site: If you can find a good product in which the vendor can give you a discount code to offer your readers, and the commissions are still good, then you don’t necessarily need tons of content or traffic.

Discount code articles work great!

Also, the product I promote is a physical product with a 15% commission.

Site 3: Earnings December 2019 – $1213

Niche: Make Money Online

The earnings for this site came from affiliate revenue.

Revenue is up quite a bit this month compared to last month ($690.10) which is great.

On this site, I promote a few products via reviews and discount code articles. I also have info articles that I link to related articles that promote various products. 

Overall it’s 2 key products that made the bulk of that affiliate commission. Then there are a couple products that give me a little commission as well.

Both the products that make the bulk of the earnings are for online software.

This month I still haven’t added any content to this site. I did make a few changes to the CTA on the affiliate links but that’s it.

I also added Google Adsense to this site as my traffic was up to 23’963, so I thought I’d see if I could squeeze some additional revenue out of the pages without affiliate promotions. 

It prob won’t be a lot as Adsense doesn’t pay a lot compared to premium ad networks such as Mediavine.

Even if it’s an extra $100 I’ll be happy.

Site 4: – Earnings December 2019 – $6.35

Niche: Home And Garden 

The earnings from this site came from 1 source. Affiliate revenue.

I know, I’m BIG In the game! $6.35!

I’ll be living like the Kardashians next month at this rate. 

Last month this site made $0.12 so it’s gone up this month.

The affiliate earnings from this site are from the Amazon affiliate program. 

This site has so much potential but I can only put so much attention on one thing without it affecting the focus on another thing. 

In 3 months’ time when I’ve added a bunch of new content to site one and site two then I will focus on churning out some great new content for this site.

One thing at a time though.

Other Revenue Dec 2019 – $433.51

This isn’t quite blogging revenue but it’s still online income.

I have a Youtube channel in which I promote some products and I get commissions from that. 

There’s also Youtube ad revenue which helps.

It works out as $285.01 from Youtube ad revenue and $148.50 from affiliate products that I link to from my channel.

Some of my videos I put in my blog posts so I could say it is somewhat blogging revenue but I do track sales from YT by using tracking links so it is still separate. 

It’s still online income so it’s still worth adding here. 

Wanna See Some Proof?

Here are some screenshots of the bigger payments from my blog earnings.

Sometimes it helps to see a bit of proof.

This image is the earnings from Mediavine on site one for the month of December.

These earnings are from the affiliate product I promote on site one.

The earnings from the image below are from the affiliate product I promote on site two.

It shows the payments were in January but they were earnings from December just paid a few days into January.

This next screenshot is of one of the earnings for software I promote on site three.

Again, the payment is on January 7th but it was from the commissions earned in Dec.

This payment is also from site three.

Earnings from Dec paid on Jan 2nd.

There are more products that I get paid commissions for, but you can see the bulk of it.

I don’t want to slow down the page speed with too many images.

Hopefully, that’s enough proof for now.

Anyway, so now we’ve covered earnings,

Let’s talk expenses!

Expenses December 2019 – $684.37

Here is a list of expenses form Dec 2019. 

Hosting With WPX: $59.99

Fiver Gigs: $68

Hello Bar: $29

Writers on Upwork: $75.45

Canva Pro + Unlimted Images: $22.95

Clickfunnels: $99

Key Search: $17

Social Warfare Plugin: $29

Registered business address: $45

Training courses: $143

Domain renewals: $11.99 

Noble Samurai (video software): $27

PLR Content: $47.00

Dropbox: $9.99

That’s my total expenses for this month.

A lot are for things most bloggers (especially beginner bloggers) wouldn’t need for blogging, for example, Clickfunnels.

I signed up to Clickfunnels a few months back to host a blogging training course I created but I’ve now decided to shelf the product for now till I build an audience.

It was $299 a month for the premium account then in December I dropped it to the basic plan and now I’m going to drop it altogether for now.

Doing these income reports is so helpful as I can see how all these expenses add up and eat at the profits if I’m not careful.

Next month hopefully my expenses will be much lower as I am going to cut back on costs that I don’t truly need so I can save the money and invest it back into the business for things that make a difference, such as content.

Most people running a blog will spend a lot less, but as I’m trying to grow my business so I am investing back into it.

By the end of 2020, I aim to get my blogs earning over $10k per month. 

With hard work, focus and consistency and I know it’s possible to get there.

It just about doing more of what’s working. 

Anyway, here’s the figures that matter:

Gross Income – $3179.98

What matters most though is the net income. 

(Gross income $3179.98) – (Expenses $684.37) = Net Income $2495.61

It’s funny because it’s almost exactly the same as last month’s net income

Next month I hope to bring those expenses down to under $300 (unless I invest in content) and hopefully, that will leave me with more Net income!

Lessons Learned From December.

Something I feel I’ve had a bit of an epiphany in December is what I choose to spend my time working on.

I’ve realized I need to stop thinking of creating new things like products, new blogs, podcasts, creating email sequences and all the other stuff that can seem like a good idea and just focus 90% of my time on the high ROI actions, i.e. writing blog content!

It’s so easy to think I need to do all these other things but in reality, it was creating blog content that’s made me the money so I am now committed more than ever to creating content every day.

I want to add 90 articles to my sites in the next 90 days. 

This is easily achievable if I stay focused and outsource some of it.

More content will equal more revenue.

Anyway, that’s it for this month’s income report, I hope you found it useful and I’ll speak to you soon!

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If you feel I can make these income reports better then let me know in the comments.

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