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10 Ways To Make Money At Home Without Being On The Phone

by Alan Young

Want to make money at home without being on the phone?

If you’re like me then the thought of being on the phone making calls to be people makes me feel uneasy and doesn’t sound very appealing.

I have to admit I’m a bit of an introvert and don’t like interacting with people too much.

I like to sit at home in my cozy house working in peace and quiet.

If the thought of making money at home sounds good to you then stick around as I’ve got 10 (fun) ways to make money from home that doesn’t require being on the phone.

Become a survey taker 

This is a very popular option for people who want to make a little money at home.

Simply sign up to Survey Junkie and they will pay you to take part in research studies in the form of surveys.

Survey Junkie is a completely legitimate company with an 8.7 Trust Pilot score from 8000+ users.

A good thing to mention is Survey Junkie is 100% free to join and it takes just a few minutes to get set up and start taking part in surveys.

Survey Junkie pays anywhere from $2 to $75 per completed survey.

It won’t get you rich but it will earn you money.

Click here to sign to Survey Junkie and start making money for taking part in Surveys.

Create gigs on Fiverr

I swear you can actually get paid to do Morgan Freeman impressions on Fiverr.

You can pretty much offer any kind of gig (within reason) and as long as it’s legal.

Check out how many times these Morgan Freeman impersonation gigs have been bought at $10-$20 a pop.

1000 x $10 = $10000 just for doing impressions. 

Crazy right?

You could offer gigs from Logo creation, article writing to video reviews and more.

What can you do which you could offer as a gig on Fiverr?

Sign up to Fiverr here and start your first gig today!

Social media jobs

This is another very popular way to make money.

Almost anyone can make money doing social media jobs.

Simple tasks as…

  • Setting up, organizing, and modifying social networking profiles
  • Scheduling and managing Twitter Tweets, Facebook posts, blog posts, as well as posts to other social media accounts.
  • Monitoring social media conversations for new messages, followers, and engagement

You get paid by people who need to outsource that type of day to day social media tasks so they can work on other parts of their business.

You don’t need any formal training for this type of work and you always get instructions on what you’re supposed to do. 

Click here to check out Paid Social Media Jobs and see the latest jobs available.

Freelance writer 

If you got the love for writing then this is the perfect job for you.

I’ve hired many writers on Upwork, Freelancer and more to create content that I didn’t have time to write.

You could make a decent full-time wage working part-time as a freelance writer.

Just sign up to Upwork or Freelancer and bid on gigs that are posted.

Start a blog 

How To Start A Blog In 15 Mins. Step by step guide to starting a blog. Blogging is a great work from home business that can give you the freedom to live a life on your terms. #ItsAlanYoung #blogging #WAHM #workfromhome #onlinebusinessThis is a personal favorite of mine. I love to blog and you’re here reading my blog which is great.

You can make a very good living as a blogger.

I literally love getting up each day to work on my blog. 

The great thing is, blogging can be done anywhere in the world which is exactly what true freedom is.

If you this sounds like a bit of you then check out my post …How To Start Blog.

Click here to follow simple step by step instructions to set up your blog today.

Video game tester 

Plays video games? Then why not get paid to play and test them.

This is probably the dream job for most kids nowadays.

And the good thing is you don’t need to be a kid to be a video game tester.

Video games are fun and if you can get paid to play and test them then why not do it.

Not to mention you can early access to new games to test.

Plus you can get new products to test and review such as Game consoles, accessories, controllers etc..

If you want to know more about game testing then check out Gaming Jobs Online.

They are you’re number one source when it comes to gaming jobs.

Click here to check out Gaming Jobs Online for the latest job opportunities.

Become a transcriber 

Have good listening skills? Can you type fast? Then being a transcriber might be the job for you.

You can get paid to listen to audio files or watch youtube videos and transcribe them into a text document.

I’ve personally paid people to do this myself.

You can find transcribing jobs on these sites like.

Check them out and see what jobs are available.

Sell crafts On Etsy 

This is for all the creative types.

If you like making things then maybe some people will pay you for those things.

My fiance is a dab hand at making homemade dreamcatchers and I always tell her she should sell them on Etsy.

If there are some craft items that you like to make then why not set up an Etsy store and make money selling your crafts.

People love custom craft items and it’s such a rewarding way to make money and spend your time each day.

Head over to Etsy for some inspiration.

Become a YouTuber 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to becoming a YouTuber.

Whether it’s gaming, cooking, vlogging, teaching, and more you can probably make a channel and start making money as a Youtuber.

It’s one of the first ways I made money online as an affiliate.

I created great content and linked to affiliate products I thought would be helpful to may viewers.

All you need is the camera on your phone and a computer and you can start a channel.

Some of the best channels on Youtube started with someone recording on their iPhone and uploading it to Youtube.


Does poor grammar annoy you? Noticed tons of grammar and punctuation mistakes on this post? Then you might be a good proofreader?

Get paid to be a Proofreader and make money work the hours that suit your schedule.

You could probably work full time just fixing my grammar and spelling mistakes on this blog.

Thank god for Grammarly otherwise I’d never spell anything correctly.

If you feel this work is a good fit for you then check out the 2 companies below.

So there you have it…

10 work at home jobs that don’t require you to be on the phone.

If there are any others that you think I should have added then feel free to drop a comment below and I might update this article and add to it.

Also if you want to come back to this post later then feel free to give it a pin.

Thanks and speak soon!

Would you like to work from home, but not on the phone? Check out this list of 10 legitimate ways that you can work-at-home and get paid...with no phone work required! #ItsAlanYoung #WorkAtHome #WAHM #MakeMoneyIdeas #NoPhoneJobs


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