5 Ways To Make $50 Fast (Easy Money From Home)

by Alan Young
5 Ways To Make $50 Fast (Easy Money From Home)

If you’re looking for some easy ways to make then you’re in the right place!

Whatever the reason you need some extra cash these 5 ways are some of the easiest ways to make money without taking your TV to the Pawnshop!

Picks the ones you want to try and then get making money. 

Why not try them all and make some more money!

So here we go, 5 easy ways to make $50 fast. 👇

📝 Survey Junkie 

Get paid to take surveys with Survey Junkie. 

For every survey you complete you get paid.

If you’re someone who would like to sit at home with your feet up on the couch with a cuppa earning money then Survey Junkie is for you.

With 8000+ reviews and a Trust Pilot score of 8.7/10, they are one of the highest rated survey sites out there.

Click here to sign up and start making money with Survey Junkie. 


🛒 Paribus

If you ever shop online then you’re probably eligible to receive cash back for some of your previous purchases.

With Paribus, if you’ve purchased something, then the price drops, this app will find out if you can get cashback.

Paribus works in the background by scanning your email receipts (nothing else) and then checking for price drops or late deliveries and then sees if you’re eligible for cashback.

If you are, then Paribus does all the hard work and gets the cashback you’re owed.

They charge you nothing and you get 100% of what’s owed paid directly from the company you purchased from, to the card you purchased with. 

Talk about getting easy money you didn’t know you’re entitled to

Click here to sign up to Paribus and see if you are owed any money.  


💲 Swagbucks

Sign up to Swagbucks and they pay you to do things you already do online. 

That’s right Swagbucks pay you to shop online, watch entertaining videos, search the web, answer surveys, and more.

Swagbucks pays you in points which you can use to get free gift cards for your favorite retailers like Amazon or Walmart, to name a few, or get paid cash from PayPal (my favorite option).

You do most of this stuff every day online so you might as well get paid to do it.

Sign here to Swagbucks here and start earning today!


🛍 Ibotta 

Say goodbye to coupons and discount codes, and say hello Ibotta!

The Ibotta App gives you Cashback on the things you buy.

There’s been over $350,000,000 in cash back paid to people shopping at their favorite stores!

Ibotta works when you shop online, shop instore, travel or dine out. Ibotta has partnered with the biggest brands to give you cashback on everyday things you normally buy. 

Signing up to Ibotta is easy and hassle-free, oh and did I mention, It’s free to use! 

This is one of those Apps where you have literally nothing to lose and all to gain.

Sign up to Ibotta here and start making money with this cool little app.


📲 Put This App on your phone For $50.

Did you know you can make $50 per device just to install an app on your phone?

Man that’s easy money!

Nielsen research pays you for installing a non-invasive app on your smartphone which then anonymously sends them your internet usage data. 

Everything is totally anonymous and they take your privacy and security very seriously.

It’s a simple and legitimate way to make money for participating in research.

This is probably the easiest way to make $50.

Sign up to Nielsen here and take part in their research program to earn money.


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