How To Set Up A Store With Commerce HQ

How To Set Up A Store With Commerce HQ In Under 6 Minutes

by Alan Young

Yo it’s Alan Young and in this article, I show you how to how to set up a store with Commerce HQ in under 6 minutes.

I made this video for fun as I seen someone else set up a store with CommerceHQ in 9 minutes so I thought I’d have a go and see if I could beat their time as a bit of a challenge.

I did beat their time and I manage to do it in 5 minutes 7 seconds!

In the video, you’ll see me,

  • Adding a domain
  • Setting up payment processing
  • Setting up first shipping prices
  • Add the first collection
  • Add the first product
  • Upload a logo to checkout page

This is by no means a great store, its just a shell, but it is ready to take payments with its first product.

Once you’ve done this you would have done all the basic stuff.

You’ll just need to add some more products plus any other pages you need like FAQ, Privacy Policy etc.

Here’s the video below,

How To Set Up A Store With Commerce HQ In Under 6 Minutes


I hope you enjoyed the video. Now you know how to set up a store with Commerce HQ.

Challenge yourself and see if you can beat my time.

Click here to learn about the $0-$100 a day Commerce HQ challenge.

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Thanks if you liked this article and found it useful show it to your friends to help improve your e-com street cred!

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