Salehoo Review – Is It Honestly The Best Supplier Directory Available?

by Alan Young

If you’re checking out this SaleHoo review then you’re probably looking to start a dropshipping business or start an eBay or Amazon business selling products online.

These are great businesses that have great earnings potential.

The main problems people face with these types of eCommerce businesses are:

  1. Knowing what products to sell.
  2. Sourcing the products at wholesale prices.

SaleHoo was built with this in mind.

By the end of this SaleHoo review, you’re going know if SaleHoo solves these problems well and is it worth it for you.

So let’s get started!

What is SaleHoo?

To put it simply, SaleHoo is a product research tool, supplier directory, and a supportive community for dropshippers, wholesalers, and online retailers.

There are four main areas you can use this platform for.

They are:
– Wholesale supplier & product directory
– SaleHoo labs for product research. (great for finding hot trending products)
– SaleHoo Training Guides
– SaleHoo community (i.e a big forum for wholesaler, dropshippers, eBay and amazon sellers)

I’ll dive deeper into these 4 areas to show you what you can do.

Wholesale Product And Supplier Directory.

You have 2 ways to use the wholesale products and supplier directory:

  1. You can look for product suppliers.
  2. You can search for a specific product you want to source.

Let’s start with option 1.

Search Product Suppliers.

So for example,

If you wanted a supplier for electronic goods, you could search “electronics” in the search box and then SaleHoo will return a list of wholesale electronic suppliers who stock those type of products.

Perfect if you want to sell electronics goods on Ebay, Amazon or your own store.

Now you have a list of all the suppliers and you can go and contact them directly (I’ll go into that in a minute).

Find Specific Products.

So the other way you can use the SaleHoo directory is to search for specific products.

For example, you may be looking for a specific kind of electronic product. Drones for example.

You simply need to switch the search to products and search Drones.

SaleHoo will then return a product list of all Drones on the database, you can then click on the supplier for the drone you want.

Note: SaleHoo has a database of products that suppliers have uploaded for you to be able to search on the SaleHoo directory.  This, however, won’t be a true representation of all the suppliers that sell the specific product you are looking for. You should contact the suppliers directly on SaleHoo to see their complete product lists.

I would say it’s best to search drones in the supplier box and see all the companies that sell drones.

You can then reach out and ask for their product lists and you’ll see if those suppliers sell what you are looking for.

Directory Search Filters. 

To help when searching for suppliers and products you can use SaleHoo’s search filters.

You can filter your searches by Supplier type.

  • Droshippers
  • Wholesalers
  • Liquidators
  • Manufacturers

A supplier for dropshipping will meet different needs to that of a wholesaler, a manufacturer or liquidators.

Depending on whether you are looking for suppliers for eBay, Amazon, your own eCommerce store these different options will be beneficial to you.

You also can search By,

  • Location
  • Min order
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Tax ID requirement
  • Categories

Next thing you may be wondering about, is contacting the suppliers.

How Do You Contact Wholesale Suppliers?

So, once you have found some suppliers you like, you can then click their profile where you’ll get some initial info.

SaleHoo Review - Contacting wholesale suppliers

You’ll be able to see all their quick business stats info like company location, Minimum Order value, if they ship worldwide, do they require Resellers’/Tax ID and Years on SaleHoo.

Then you get more detailed info like.

  • Company overview (do they dropship, wholesale or offer liquidation stock etc)
  • Brands they stock
  • Products they stock
  • Company description
  • Order requirements

If the supplier looks like a possible fit for your needs you can then contact them.

Contact Suppliers Directly Though SaleHoo.

To do that all you need to do is click the contact supplier box and then you’ll open up a message box.

Simply fill out the message and send it.

It’s good that the messaging feature is inbuilt as it saves time and your messages will be stored and accessed on SaleHoo making life much easier.

Pre-Formated Message Templates.

Another handy feature is the message templates.

They have pre-written messages for most questions.

For example, they have a message for:

They have the same types of templates for Wholesale, liquidation, and manufacturer related messages.

Example Of The SaleHoo Templates

You can also edit the template once uploaded as you may want to ask a specific question as well.

This will save plenty of time when you need to message multiple suppliers.

So that’s basicaly what you can do with the directory. Next we have the SaleHoo labs.

SaleHoo Labs For Product Research.    

This area of SaleHoo will help you find new products for you to start profiting from.

When you land on this page you will see a random list of products which you will need to filter.

To filter you have 4 options:

  • Product type
  • Sell rate (average eBay/Amazon sell to listing ratio. If 4 out of ever 10 listed items sell then it would be 40% ratio)
  • Average price
  • Competition

Big list of categories to help find the best products to sell.

  • Adult Products
  • Antiques & Collectables
  • Baby Gear
  • Books & Magazines
  • Business & Industrial
  • Cameras & Photo
  • Cars, Motorcycles & Bikes
  • Clothing & Fashion
  • Consumer Electronics
  • DVDs & Movies
  • Health & Beauty
  • Home & Garden
  • Jewelry & Watches
  • Mobile Phones
  • Pet Supplies
  • Shoes & Fashion
  • Toys & Games
  • Travel & Outdoors
  • Plus more

So as an example I’ve filtered the products by choosing the appliances category and selecting only low competition, the average selling price of $25-$100 and a sell rate of 30%+.

That has then bought up a list of 44 matching products.

Then all you need to do is search through those products and see if any are a good fit for your business.

You could sell them on eBay, Amazon or your own online store.

Any products that you want to check out further you then click on them and it gives you a list of potential suppliers.

Potential Suppliers 

You’ll see a list of suppliers that you can potentially source the products from. You just need to click on the product supplier link which will take you to their SaleHoo profile and you can contact them as I showed you earlier.

There’s also some quick stat info.

  • Suppliers Type (wholesale, dropship, liquidation or manufacturer)
  • Region (where the company is located)
  • Minimum Order Amount (if any)
  • Ship Worldwide (does the company ship worldwide)

Also, there’s a similar listings tab where you can see products that are similar to the one you are looking at.

This is handy if you are looking for a specific type of products to sell online.

Another thing to note is you can save your filter settings and use them later if you want.

As you can see it’s a user-friendly product research tool which will find you profitable products to sell.  I think this great especially if you sell on Amazon or eBay.

So the next part of this SaleHoo review is the training area.

SaleHoo Training

SaleHoo Review - Guides

This is where you get training for all aspects of running an online business.

There are 9 full training guide sections plus a bonus guides section.

This includes:

Beginners guide to starting a business selling things online
– Business setup
– Importing & Shipping
– What should you sell
– Find a product supplier
– Product sourcing
– Guide to selling on eBay and Amazon
– Guide to starting an online store.
– Scam prevention

Plus you get a bonus guides section which includes:

  • SaleHoo new user manual
  • Secrets to building a drop shipping empire
  • Shipping handbook
  • The ultimate guide to finding lost cost suppliers
  • Guide to fashion selling
  • Insider tips to sell electronics full-time
  • Guide to selling games and DVD’s

There is one more guide area which I haven’t included in the list as it’s a paid extra, and that is the online selling tactics.

It’s priced at $297 for life or $97 a month.

Honestly, I don’t think you need it, all the other training which is all included is plenty enough.

The online selling tactics is just a much more advanced training for people who want that extra bit of help.

Like I said, you don’t need it with all the training already included in the SaleHoo platform, but the choice is there if you need it.

In case you want to know, here’s what’s included in online selling tactics.

You get:

– Step-by-step video training on how to implement money-earning sales strategies
– Interviews with industry experts including eBay PowerSellers, marketplace owners, social media marketing experts, eBay gurus and more

So let’s give you a quick rundown of each training guide.

Beginners Guide To Starting a Business Selling Things Online.

This area is your starting guide to help you get going if you’re a newbie to selling online.

Included in this SaleHoo guide is:

Step 0: What to Know Before You Begin
Step 1: Choosing What to Sell
Step 2: Finding Suppliers
Step 3: Setting Up Your Business
Step 4: Choosing Where to Sell
Step 5: How to Make Your First Sale

This guide to selling things online is very thorough and perfect if you are pretty new to selling on eBay, Amazon or your own eCommerce store.

They even show you how to sell on Etsy, Bonanza, Craigslist and more.

The next training guide included in SaleHoo is business setup.

Business Set Up

This guide is to help you with things like registering a business, taxes help and more.

This guide has 7 lessons. You won’t need them all, just what’s specific to you.

The 7 lessons are:

1. How to Get a Tax ID

This lesson gives you all the details in setting up and getting a tax ID.

Please note: This lesson is for US residents buying from US wholesalers. If you live outside of the US, you don’t need to worry about a Tax ID to purchase from a US wholesaler.

2. Kick-Start Your Business

This lesson is on how to make some quick cash to start your business.

Sometimes when don’t have the capital to get started. This shows you some quick ways to get some cash to get your business going.

3. Business Registration USA

Says what it does on the tin. A guide to setting up and registering a business in the USA.

This lesson includes a video guide.

4. Register a Business in Canada

This lesson is the same as the last but for setting up and registering a business in Canada.

5. Business Registration UK

This shows you the process of registering a business in the UK (my neck of the woods).

It also has a video explainer as well to make it easy to understand.

6. Setup a Business in Australia

Again this is the same but for Australia.

It also includes step by step video guide on setting up a business in Australia.

And the last lesson is this guide is…

7. Tax Basics For eBay Sellers

This lesson going into detail on your tax obligations when you sell on eBay.

Believe it or not, you still need to pay tax when you sell something to make a profit on eBay.

I know it sucks but it’s got to be done.

Next guide included is Importing & Shipping.

Importing & Shipping

Learn how to get the best deals on products by importing!

This handy guide is filled with plenty of tips and secrets on importing wholesale so you can start your import business and make all the money you need!

Also there are different rules and regulations on importing from different countries so this guide breaks it down into finer detail so fully understand the ins and outs.

There 8 lessons are:

1. Quick Guide to Importing

2. Importing into the US

3. Importing to Canada

4. Importing to Australia and NZ

5.  Customs and Importing

6.  Importing From China

7.  The Rundown on Importing into the UK

8.  China Importing Logistics and Storage

Next guide is:

What Should You Sell?

This guide gets into the more fun stuff to learn (product research). Your business is only as good as your best product!

Included sections in this guide are:

  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Existing successful sites
  • Trends on FB & Instagram
  • Social shopping sites
  • Proven niches
  • Product review sites
  • Bestsellers lists
  • SaleHoo Research lab
  • How to shortlist a product
  • Niches to avoid
  • Trending products to sell

By the end of this guide, you’ll understand what products you should be looking to sell when launching a profitable business selling goods online.

Next guide is:

How To Find a Product Supplier

This guide shows you how to find the right product supplier. It shows you how to use SaleHoo to find decent product suppliers for wholesale, dropshipping, manufacturer and private labeling.

This guide also shows you how to find trusted suppliers outside of the SaleHoo platform.

The lessons in this guide are:

–  How to choose the right supplier for…

  • Dropshipping
  • Wholesale
  • Manufacturing
  • Private label

How to contact suppliers.
– Avoiding supplier scams.
– Building a relationship with suppliers.

There’s plenty of different types of product suppliers, this guide does a decent job of showing you everything you need to know when it comes to finding suppliers who are legit, trusted and offer good products and reliability.

Next guide is:

Product Sourcing Guide

This guide goes in depth with 12 lessons on where to source products to sell online.

This is helpful whether you sell on eBay, Amazon or dropship with your own eCommerce store.

The 12 lessons in this section are:

  1. 4 Myths of Wholesale Buying
  2. Stuck on What to Sell?
  3. What Sells Best on eBay?
  4. Find the Best Dropshippers
  5. Pros and Cons of Dropshipping
  6. Managing Dropshippers for Better Results
  7. Multi-Sourcing
  8. Elusive eBay Niche Markets
  9. Get the Best Wholesale Prices
  10. What Sells Best on eBay?
  11. How to Order From a Wholesaler
  12. Guide to Handling Dropshipping Returns.

Just so you know, every individual lesson in the product sourcing guide is in-depth.

Quite a few lessons have a video lesson as well to teach the point even better.

I feel SaleHoo has really gone above and beyond in adding value to their platform.

Next guide included in the SaleHoo training is…

Guide To Selling On eBay And Amazon

When you know what products you want to sell, do you know where to sell them?

This guide gives you the rundown on the major eCommerce platforms eBay and Amazon and details the pros and cons of using each one.

SaleHoo covers selling on eBay and Amazon really well.

Included sections are:

  • eBay vs Amazon: What’s the difference?
  • Fees
  • Seller Tools
  • Market Share
  • Alternatives to eBay and Amazon
  • How to create great product listings?
  • How to cope with competition
  • Tips for selling on eBay
  • Tips for selling on Amazon

I learned a lot by going through this guide.

For example, what platform charges less fees, what platform has better seller tools to help you sell your stuff, what platform has a higher sell rate, and how to create a great product listing.

You can also check you the other alternative platforms mentioned in this guide which are Etsy, Jet, Rakuten and uBid.

Next is…

Guide To Starting An Online Store

The last guide talked about eBay and Amazon. This guide goes in depth into the pros and cons of starting an online store instead of selling on eBay, Amazon or anything similar. 

Covered in this guide is.

– The benefits of selling on your eCommerce own store.

– What Ecommerce stores you can set up a store with.

(They don’t mention CommerceHQ which is my favorite platform for setting up a store. You can check out my CommerceHQ review here. )

– How to get visitors to your store (traffic generation). Things like SEO, PPC Ads, Influencers, and content marketing are covered here.

– Cost of running an online store.

E-commerce is how I started online so I really enjoyed reading this article as I’m sure you will.

There are so many differences between selling on your own store and selling on eBay and Amazon.

The main perk for me is there’s no other direct competition on your own site as there is on Amazon and eBay.

And also you keep all your customer details so you can follow up and market to them again, and again, and again 🙂

Next up in this SaleHoo review the scam prevention guide.

Scam Prevention

There’d be nothing worse than scraping your first bit of capital together to buy some stock and then getting scammed and losing your money.

Don’t worry, this is rare but it’s good to get clued up and understand how to protect yourself from any scam.

The 3 main lessons in this scam prevention guide are:

  • Dealing with Bad eBay Buyers
  • Dealing with Chinese Suppliers (and how to avoid getting scammed!)
  • Catching the Crooks

The 3 guides cover things like, avoiding chargeback scams (this has happened to me so it’s good they talk about it).

Using safe payment options when paying for your goods, this is super important so you are covered if anything happens. The best payment options are covered.

How to avoid ordering poor quality items and dealing with big purchases.

Plus SaleHoo covers the telltale signs of dealing with a scammer.

Overall this is another great guide that you’ll be happy you checked out.

SaleHoo Bonus Training Guides

There’s more outside the screenshot.

Lastly, we have the bonus training guides which cover topics from selling games and DVD’s to secrets to building a dropshipping empire.

Each guide is an eBook which are really good.

I highly recommend you checking out the SaleHoo new user manual before you do anything on SaleHoo.

They send you this in one of your welcome emails anyway so make sure you check it out as it details how to get the most out of the SaleHoo platform.

To recap the guides included in the bonus training section. You get access to…

  • SaleHoo new user manual
  • Secrets to building a drop shipping empire
  • Shipping handbook
  • The ultimate guide to finding lost cost suppliers
  • Guide to fashion selling
  • Insider tips to sell electronics full-time
  • Guide to selling games and DVD’s

Like I’ve mentioned before. I feel SaleHoo has over delivered on the value you get in exchange for the $67 cost for the year.

That’s probably why they have such a fantastic Trust Pilot score of 9.6/10.


If you knew nothing about selling online, then after going through each of the 9 training guides plus the 7 bonus guides you’ll know what you need to know by the end.

Last main feature I’m going to talk about is the SaleHoo Community.

The SaleHoo Community.

Sometimes when you’re working from home on your own, it can be a lonely place with no one to turn to for help.

To help you, SaleHoo has built a fantastic community which covers topics that help online sellers.

This is a forum where you can go to for help or get involved in topics and talked to others in your community,

Whether you are a dropshipper, eBayer, Amazon seller, you can get help from likeminded people.

The SaleHoo community is highly engaged with thousands of topics and posts.

Example questions posted in the forum.

This is probably the biggest community of it’s kind online.

I was really surprised to see how active it was and how many topics and posts have been covered.

I highly recommend you check this out.

SaleHoo Pricing.

Salehoo charges a simple 1-year flat rate of $67.

I personally think that is a bargain. They could have charged much more or charged it monthly.

Overall, $67 is a very fair price for what you get in this platform.

The tools, suppliers, training, and community makes it very worth it in my option.

SaleHoo offer a 60-day money-back guarantee so you can test it out with no risk to you.

Next up, I’ve listed the pros and cons of SaleHoo.

SaleHoo Pros

Plenty of product suppliers. SaleHoo has over 8,000 hand-picked local and global suppliers. This includes suppliers for high quality branded products.

Quality brands. There’s plenty of top brands available. SaleHoo isn’t just a glorified AliExpress, it has access to the best brands available online.

Great product research tool. This will help you find hot products to sell online. No guesswork involved, just good data to help you make the right decision on what to sell. The lab product research tool is really simple to use as well.

Access to 2.5 Million products. SaleHoo suppliers give you access to over 2.5 million + products to sell. You won’t be stuck for choice!

Top training. As you’ve already seen in this SaleHoo Review there are tons of training guides which will help you on your journey to becoming an established online seller.

Community support. You’ll never be stuck with anyone to turn to for help. With thousands of members and literally tens of thousands of posts and topics, you’ll never be short of people and answers to help you.

Money-back guarantee. SaleHoo believes in their platform so much they offer a 60-day money back guarantee. This takes all the risk away so you can feel safe in testing out SaleHoo and seeing if it’s for you.

Dropship suppliers. They don’t just have wholesale suppliers, they have access to over 1000 dropship suppliers as well.

SaleHoo Cons

Out of date supplier details. I noticed that a couple of the supplier websites weren’t active anymore. Overall the majority were all fine but there was a couple where the websites didn’t work so I presume they were not doing business or had a new website that hadn’t been updated on SaleHoo yet.

Has upsell. For their premium “Online Selling Tactics” training, you have to pay a one-off fee of $247 or $97 a month. Even though it’s the only training you pay for it would be nice to get it included with the other training. (I might be asking for too much 🙂

Is SaleHoo Worth It?

A big fat yes from me.

For $67 you can’t complain. SaleHoo delivers tons of value on their platform.

They could charge $67 for each component of their platform. The supplier directory, product discovery lab tool, eCommerce training, and SaleHoo community.

They are all great features in of themselves. So I give this platform a massive thumbs up.

You can check it out risk-free here and see what you think. 

SaleHoo Review: Conclusion

I think SaleHoo is a great all-around platform that’ll you’ll love. This is great if you sell on eBay or Amazon but also great if you’re a dropshipper looking for some higher quality products that you can’t find on AliExpress.

At $67 for the year, I think it priced very competitively. 

The fact that SaleHoo offers a no questions asked refund policy shows how confident they are that you’ll love using the platform.

So there you have you it, I hope you’ve enjoyed this SaleHoo review.

If you want to check out it out then click here and test drive it yourself and see what you think.  

SaleHoo FAQ

Is Salehoo legitimate?

Yes, SaleHoo is. You just need to check their Trust Pilot score of 9.6/10 to see they are trusted with plenty of happy customers. SaleHoo has been around for over a decade so it proves it’s legitimate by standing the test of time.

Are there any hidden fees or upsells on Salehoo?

SaleHoo has 1 upsell and that is for their premium “Online Seller Training”. That costs a one-off fee of $297 or you can sign up for $97 a month. Everything else in the platform is included at no extra cost including all the other training.

How many suppliers does SaleHoo have?

SaleHoo has over 8,000+ pre-vetted suppliers. You can choose the search criteria you want to help filter through the local and global suppliers to find the bests ones for you.

Are there any alternatives to Salehoo?

Yes, the main competitor to SaleHoo is, they are more expensive at $299. They are a similar type of platform that provides access to a wholesale and dropshipping directory. Is it better though? In my opinion, I think SaleHoo is more superior and more affordable.

Is there a SaleHoo discount code?

Some people want to know is there a SaleHoo discount code. There is not, but at $67 for a full year, it’s already super affordable and great value for money. Remember in comparison to other wholesale directories SaleHoo is already discounted.

Your SaleHoo membership costs just $67 for a full 12-months and you get access to all their resources. Like I said earlier, I think they could charge that per month.

SaleHoo Review + Backend Tour Video

Click here and checkout SaleHoo for yourself. 


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