Detailed Pexda Review + Discount Coupon Code | This Is Everything You Need To Know

by Alan Young

I’m sure we can all agree:

Searching for HOT NEW PRODUCTS to test is like looking for a black cat in a dark coal cellar.

Not the easiest task.

Or is it?

Well, it turns out, you can dramatically increase your chances of finding that winning product (or black cat) in double quick time.

In this Pexda review, I’m going to show you how to find hot products to sell in just 10 minutes a day.

So firstly:

What does Pexda do?

To put it simply pexda is a hot product hunt tool.

You’ll be able to find winning products quickly,

Without wasting money on bad products.

It’ll help you to easily find new products to add to your Shopify or Commerce HQ store every day.

For me, scrolling through Facebook looking for products for hours each day can be tedious and time consuming.

This tool takes the headache out of doing product research.

It does more than show you products though, as you’re about to see.


What features does Pexda have?


– Lists of Products To Test on Your Dropshipping Store

So the first thing you’ll do with Pexda is scroll though their extensive products feed.

This list gets updated daily.

It shows you proven products, and potential untapped winning products.

Next thing is,

– Competitor Facebook Ad copy

You can literally see the EXACT same FB ad swipe it to use yourself if you wanted.

Or you could just use their facebook ad copy for your inspiration.

But at least you know what’s working for them.

You can click the on the link and you’ll see their ad in a new tab.

To make things easier Pexda give you a screenshot as well.

Here’s the screenshot they added.

You can also see the vanity metrics like likes, reactions, comments, shares and ad post date.

– Free Product Video Ads To Use

This will save you tons of time as you can download it directly from Pexda.

No need to steal other videos and risk losing your FB ad account.

Pexda creates free videos that you have permission to use.

This next feature will also save you more time,

– Prewritten Product Description

I’m soo lazy and this helps me save at least 10-15 mins as writing a paragraph of product description can take me too long as I tend to over think it.

It’s nice they have a paragraph or two to help get you started.

It gets better:

– Done For You Facebook Target Audiences

This feature helps you with your targeting.

You get 2-3 targeted audiences which you can use yourself.

Facebook Ads Targeting

I like to use Pexda’s done for you Facebook audiences then expand on them even further.

To be fair they do a good job on showing the location, age, gender and interests to go after.

They also add a screenshot showing the potential reach with that targeting.

You won’t get stuck on ways to target each product.

Next feature is,

– Product Sourcing 

There would be no point if you knew what product to test, the best ad copy and how to target it if you couldn’t source the product to sell yourself.

Pexda shows where to get it on AliExpress and also you can check the metrics at a glance.

You can see,

  • Orders:
  • Product Cost:
  • Shipping (epacket);
  • Product Votes:
  • Product Rating:
  • Product Feedback:
  • Positive Feedback:

It’s best to just click the link and check out the product on Aliexpress yourself.

Note: If you want to know how to get up to 8% cashback on all orders you fulfill though AliExpress then check out this post where I show you how.

– Estimated Profit Calculations 

This gives you the profit metrics. It’ll give you an idea if it’s worth going for.

I personally wouldn’t test a product without at least about $15 profit after taking away product cost.

If it’s a product with only $5-7 profit then I would give it a miss or alternately test it at a high price.

The metric you can quickly see is,

  • Selling Price
  • Product Cost
  • Shipping Cost
  • Profit margin
  • CPA

There’s also another feature that’s available on some products.

That feature allows you to…

– Discover Competitors selling the product

This is not available on all products but on some, you have the option of seeing the product on someone’s store or Amazon and Ebay.

I wouldn’t worry too much about that this feature as I never check eBay or Amazon.

You can also check out the competitor’s store where it’s being sold by clicking on the link in the Facebook ad.

This is handy if you want to get some description inspiration.

The next feature is a new addition…

– Pexda Chrome Extension

This is quite new to Pexda.

It has 3 main features. 

– AliExpress Targeting 

This helps you by giving you targeting options for every Aliexpress product.

– Auto Search Feature

This lets you put in filter requirements so it can hunt products on Facebook that meet those requirements.

You’ll be able to hunt hot products on autopilot. 

– Amazing Support

You can ask the Pexda team to find a product supplier on Aliexpess, Amazon and Ebay.  You can even ask them to create Ad Copy (Video) for you with just one click.

Pretty cool right?

So now you know some of the great Pexda features. 

It’s time to discuss…

The Pexda Plans

So what plans are there?

There’s 3,

Standard, Premium and Ultimate.

Pexda Plans

In all packages you get,

  • Unlimited products per day
  • Facebook Ad report
  • Targeting Suggestion
  • Ad Copy – Fresh Videos (New)
  • Geography & Device
  • AliExpress report
  • Amazon report
  • Ebay report
  • Store Selling report
  • Auto Hunt Tool (New)
  • 24/7 support

You can get a trial of the Standard package at $1.95 but the only thing is you get a 3 day delay with the standard plan.

So if you want instant access to each product as they’re released then you should get the Premium for $24.95.

This way you can launch products before they go viral with someone else.

If you get the Ultimate plan you can get access to special products which only Ultimate members get.

I honestly haven’t tested the ultimate plan so I don’t know what the secret products are like.

The Premium plan is PERFECT anyway.

It’s up to what plan you go for but don’t get it without getting your SPECIAL DISCOUNT.

As promised I’m going to give you a bonus for checking out this Pexda Review.

So here’s the deal:

I’ve teamed up with the guy’s art Pexda and got you a special discount ONLY for my readers.

Bonus Pexda Discount Coupon Code

To get a 20% Pexda discount enter the coupon code:


Just enter that at the checkout and your 20% discount will be applied.

You’ll be able to get the premium plan for $20.80.

So what you waiting for.

Click here to find hot products to test with Pexda today

I hope you found this Pexda Review helpful and feel free to share this with anyone who’ll benefit from finding hot new products to test.

Also, here’s video with a backend tour of Pexda. 

Detailed Pexda Review + Discount Coupon Code | This Is Everything You Need To Know

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