Dropshippers: 11 Reasons Why Everyone Is Talking About This NEW eCommerce Platform

by Alan Young

For a relatively new eCommerce platform Commerce HQ is gaining popularity amongst dropshippers and eCom store owners alike. There's so many great features making this a great alternative to the other platforms. Check out the 11 reasons and see what you think. #ItsAlanYoung #eCommerce #eCom #Dropship #Dropshipping #Dropshippers I think you’ll agree with me when I say…

You need a high converting store if you have any chance of making money with dropshipping.

The problem is most people set up poor unoptimized stores that are destined to fail.

The thing is,

Building a high converting store doesn’t need to hard.

In this article, I’m going to show you why smart Dropshippers are using Commerce HQ to build their stores (and maybe you should too).

Here are 11 powerful reasons why,

1. Built In App Store

With the other eCom Platforms, you have to pay for your apps (the good ones worth having). These are essential for high converting stores. 

Just paying for apps can rack up a hefty bill each month not to mention the fact you have to deal with lots of third parties if something goes wrong with any of them.

They’ll be no issue with CHQ as they are all built in-house.

And the great thing is,

With Commerce HQ all the apps are built in and are included in your plan. 

Here’s a list of some of the apps plus more is getting added regularly. 

  • Print on Demand App
  • Product Customizer App
  • Platform Migrations App
  • Shipping Plus App
  • Review App
  • FB Dynamic Feed App
  • Security Badge App
  • Checkout Timer App
  • Zapier App
  • Lead Capture Overlay App
  • Promo Bar App
  • Timer Widget App
  • Quantity Left APP
  • Recent Purchase Notification App

As you can see. All the essentials for a high converting store.

Next, you have:

2. Free High Converting Themes Built In

No need to pay for a premium theme anywhere else as they’re already built into the platform at no extra cost.

CHQ’s themes are clean and stylish and built to convert.

It gets better though,

Because Commerce HQ has something NO OTHER platform has, 

And that’s the…

3. Visual Stores Builder (Drag And Drop Software)

This is truly one of a kind and completely revolutionizes how eCom is done.

You can make changes to your stores with drag and drop functionality. 

No need to pay for expensive coders to make changes to your theme. 

You can literally add or remove parts of your site with a click of a mouse. 

Your store will look just how you like it, giving you total control.

No wonder smart dropshippers are loving CHQ!

Next you’ve got,

4. Abandoned Checkout Recovery Feature Built-In

With other eCommerce platforms, you have to pay for access to their abandoned shopping cart features or pay for a third party app. 

CommerceHQ they have an amazing and really easy to use Abandoned Cart recovery feature built in for free whatever package you are with.

It feel like it sounds like I’m over hyping this but it’s all true you can check it out yourself. Commerce HQ is really this good,

Next, you have a…

5. Built-In Review App

You can add reviews to your store to give you social proof. This app is a must have as it’s a massive boost for conversion rates

You can set it up so it automatically emails your customers after a set amount of time that you choose to ask for a review.


You Can Automatically Send Review Requests


Or you can manually import reviews from AliExpress.


You Can Add Reviews Manually


Want to increase your AOV (average order value)?

Then you can with…

6. One Click Up-Sells

With this, you can have different types of upsells.

The best is the after sale up-sell.

You can give a storewide discount without your customer having to put all their details in again.

This is a simple yet effective way to boost your revenue without having to get more traffic!

You can also increase your revenue just by using…

7. Automated Gift Cards

Image showing the automated gift card tab

Built right into the platform you can automatically send gift cards to your customers enticing them to come back with a 10% OFF gift card. 

This can be sent out straight after purchase as another way to get your customer to purchase without you having to spend any more money.

You can choose the % OFF or $ OFF that you want and then watch the customer come back.

One of the best things that people love about Commerce HQ is the fact you can have…

8. Multiple Stores Under One Account

No need to have multiple accounts that you have to pay separate bills for.


You have 3 stores with 3 sets of apps.

You’re going to pay BIG BUCKS!  

Not with Commerce HQ,  you can have multiple stores and there are no other fees for apps etc.

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That’s why Dropshippers love using this platform.

Another thing worth noting is, 


9. No Transactions Fees

Commerce HQ doesn’t charge you to process orders through their platform.

In fact,

With CHQ there are no extra fees whatsoever.

That’s a big deal if you start doing some serious volume with your store!

Next on the list.

CHQ has…

10. Print On Demand Built It and Integrated With Custom Cat


CHQ and Custom Cat have partnered up to give discounted rates for CommerceHQ users.

The Print On Demand APP is built right into CHQ meaning you can run your Print On Demand products straight from your own store and it automatically sends the orders to Custom Cat to be fulfilled by them.

How cool is that?

Again this is all included in the single monthly price. It doesn’t stop there either.

You can also get…

11. Advance Reporting included at no extra cost

You can get reports on things such as,

  • Sales
  • Traffic
  • Taxes
  • And more

I don’t think you should have to pay extra for features like this, and neither does CommerceHQ.

This is built in and available to you as standard with this platform.

So what are your thoughts?

Are you a smart Dropshipper?

I leave that down to you to decide.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope can now see why Dropshippers are talking about this new eCommerce platform. 


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