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How To Use Dropified With CommerceHQ To Import Products From AliExpress

by Alan Young

Yo it’s Alan Young here and in this article, I’ll show you how you can how to use Dropified with CommerceHQ to import products easily from AliExpress.

If you’re not a big fan of reading then check out the video at bottom of the page as that will show you how to use Dropified with CommerceHQ as well.

If you don’t know what Dropified does and why it’s great then here are the reasons I use it.

The 3 Main Reasons I Use Dropified 

You can import products and images directly from AliExpress, you have automated tracking updates meaning you don’t have to check manually for tracking codes then upload them to the back end of your store.

Dropified automatically sends a shipping confirmation email to the customer which is handy as it can get overwhelming keeping an eye on hundreds of tracking numbers at once.

The best feature though is the one-click orders saving you hours of fulfilment time but simply clicking one button then Dropified does the ordering for you! Thank the E-Com gods for this!

That’s just 3 things of the many things you can do, but that’s the key thing I love the most. 


How To Use Dropified With CommerceHQ.

Firstly if you haven’t connected Dropified with Commerce then here’s a quick video showing you how to do that…

If you’re already set up then let’s get started…

Step one. Get on the product page you want to upload to your site.


How to use Dropified With CommerceHQ


Step 2. Click the Dropified icon which will then open up a drop-down window.


dropified icon


Step 3. When the drop-down window is open you can import, images, description, price and more. You can choose what images you want and then you can make any edits to title, description and prices here or do it on the back end of your CommerceHQ site.


Importing images, description and price from Dropified to CommerceHQ


Step 4. Check you’re happy with variant names. These can be edited here or on the back end of your store.


Importing Variants


Step 5. Once you’re happy then you can import this product to CommerceHQ.


Send to CommerceHQ


Step 6. The product will now be available on the backend of your store. If you haven’t done it already you can now make the title and description adjustments here.


Once imported from AliExpress make edits needed


Step 7. Edit prices and variants if needed.


Edit Variants


Step 8. Check your images have imported and you are happy. You can still add more or delete images from each variant. You can also rearrange the image to put more important images first.


Add or delete images


Step 9. Edit URL to make it shorter then click save.


Edit CommerceHQ URL then save


Step 10. Publish the product you imported from Aliexpress with Dropified.


Publish Product


Step 11. Check out your new product listing and marvel at the fact it was so easy to use Dropified to upload a product to your site 🙂

Product uploaded successfully


So there you have it.

You now know how to use Dropified With CommerceHQ to upload products from AliExpress.

Also here’s a video showing me doing a walkthrough of the above.


If you want to try Dropified then check it out here ---> My super covert affiliate link to Dropified

Also if you want to see Dropified automatically ordering for you then check out this video,

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Matthew Armstrong October 6, 2018 - 9:40 am

YOU NEVER ONCE SHOWED HOW TO CONNECT COMMERCEHQ with DROPIFIED… you already had the connection when you started. In dropified I only see how to connect to shopify

admin October 8, 2018 - 1:34 pm

Are you shouting at me with the capitals lol, anyway here’s a video showing how to connect Dropified to CHQ , thanks


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