How To Create an eCommerce Website From Scratch – Step By Step

by Alan Young

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that…

Building a new website can be a daunting task. 

Especially if you’ve never done it before.

If you don’t know what you’re doing it could take weeks. 


It may never get completed.

Here’s the thing, 

It doesn’t need to be.

In this article, I show you…

How To Create an eCommerce Website From Scratch

I’ve included a video detailing every step,

It shows you step by step how to build your own online store.

I also use CommerceHQ as I think it’s hands down the best all-round platform to use.

It’s also very easy to navigate and everything is included in the platform.

Here’s a video review for you to see.

Also if you do decide to set up your store then use my link (it’s an affiliate link) it gives you 2 extra free stores with your plan

Instead of 1 store, you get 3 stores under one account.

It’s a win-win.

So let’s get started,

The first thing you need to do is…

Choose a Domain Name

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If something you want is not available try adding HQ, ly, ista on the end.

For example,

If you wanted but it wasn’t available,

You could try something like… , or


NameMesh is a good tool for coming up with domain ideas.

Once you’ve got your domain name idea,

You need to…

Connect Your Domain To Commerce HQ

I recommend you buy your domain through Commerce HQ because then your domain will automatically be linked to their hosting.


It doesn’t cost any extra to get your domain through them,

If you buy it elsewhere you need to point name servers over to Commerce HQ which is a pain.

So just buy through them as it’s extra hassle otherwise.

Here’s a video on how to choose and connect a domain name with CHQ.

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Choose a Theme

All the themes are free so just choose a theme to build your store with.

I recommend the vintage theme,

But choose a theme that works with your store idea.

They’ve even got a drag and drop visual builder,

But it’s much more advanced,

So just stick to the prebuilt themes which are amazing anyway.

Here’s a video showing how to choose a theme to use on your store.

Once you’ve done that,

It’s time to move on to the next task…

Upload a Logo to Your Website and Checkout Page

Make sure you don’t add an amateur looking logo.

If you do,

It will harm your conversion rate.

It doesn’t need to be expensive though.

Either go to and get one done.


Make one yourself for FREE with Canva.

Believe me

You can make some really good logos for free using Canva.

Here’s a video showing how to do that.

Once you’ve done that it’s time to…

Add a Banner to Home Page

This is optional.

You don’t need a banner but I think it looks better.

You’ll need to replace the dummy banner which is already there.

Also just so you know.

You can create banners with Canva as well.

Or just use

Here’s how to add the banner.

Once you’ve done that,

You need to…

Setup Payment Processing

You can add Paypal, Stripe or both.

If you don’t have a stripe you can easily set one up.

It’ll take 2 mins then you’ll be good to go.

Once that’s done…

It’s time for the next step…

Set The Shipping Rates

You can create a shipping rate for all countries.


Create individual rates for zones or countries.

It’s up to you.

Either way, it’s easy to do.

Now we’re getting in the meat and bones of how to create an eCommerce website for scratch.

Add The First Collection

This is where your site really starts to come together.

After you do that.

You’re going to…

Add Your First Product

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You have a few ways to add products to your eCommerce site.

You can add a single variant product.


You can add a multi-variant product.

A multi-variant is a product with a few options.

For example different sizes or colors.

To help you I’ve done a video showing you how to do both.

– Single Variant Product


– Multi Variant Product 

There’s also another way to easily add products to your store.

If you’re dropshipping then you may want to check out Dropified.

With Dropified you can quickly import product from lots of different sites like AliExpress, Wish, etsy etc.

Here’s a video showing how to do that.

– Adding a Product Using Dropified

Now that you know how to Add products to your eCom store,

It’s time to get the navigation sorted on your website.

So that brings us onto the video…

Setting up Website Navigation Tabs

I also explained in that video,

How to…

Add a Page to Your Store

I think I brushed over it a little quick in the last video so…

I create a video on how to just to do that.

Here it is…

Next thing to do once you’ve done that is to…

Change the Stores Default Email Settings

You’ll want to change the sent from emails so your customers get your branded emails from your store.


You’ll want to change the Contact Us form email settings as well.

Here’s how to do that…

Now You’re Store is Really Coming Together!

Your store now has,

  • A logo
  • A home page slider
  • It’s first collection
  • First product
  • Navigation tabs set up
  • Any new pages added
  • The default emails set


Now You’re Store is Good to Start Making Sales.


If you add the Apps which are free with Commerce HQ…

You will increase your Conversion rate.

I’ve added them to a training area which is totally free. 

This page already has too many videos on it so I put all the training videos in free members areas so you can access them.

This page would never load if I put the app videos as well.

Here’s a list of all the conversion boosting apps plus some other apps included…

Included In the CHQ APP store…

  • Print on Demand APP
  • Abandoned Cart App
  • Product Customizer APP
  • Platform Migrations APP
  • Shipping Plus APP
  • Reviews APP
  • FB Dynamic Product Catalog Feed APP
  • Security Badge APP
  • Checkout Timer APP
  • Zapier APP
  • Lead Capture Overlay APP
  • Promotional Bar APP
  • Timer Widget APP
  • Quantity Left APP
  • Recent Purchase Notifications
  • Plus More To Be Released 

Click here to find hot products to sell on your store in just 10 minutes a day.

Making Use Of The Apps Will Boost Your Conversion Rate 


I didn’t mention the upsell ability,

With Commerce HQ you’ve got built-in Up-sell Campaigns.


– 1 click after sale up-sells

– Buy x get x free or get x% OFF

– Related product up-sells

They look really good when set up.

So make sure you take advantage of all the features that are built into this eCommerce platform.

To help you further,

I’ve put together a FREE training area for you…

To show you…

How To Create an eCommerce Website From Scratch.

There’s video step by step tutorials,

Showing you how to do everything.


Installing and configure every app, every feature and more…

Including all the videos on this page.

This is totally free with NO upsells.

It’s Just pure valuable content to help you set up your online store.

Click this link to and sign up for the FREE training access.

It has everything you need to build your own store in a simple step by step videos.

Also, you get access to a video showing you how to get your 2 free stores with your plan.

It’s super easy,

The video shows you in about 1 min how to get your 2 free stores.

Thanks, I hope this helps you and please share with anybody who might want to create their own eCommerce website.

Till the next time…adios! 

P.S Here’s that link to the training again. Enjoy


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