How Does Commerce HQ Work? Everything You Need To Know

by Alan Young

How Does Commerce HQ Work?

To simply answer your question how does Commerce HQ work.

CommerceHQ works like Shopify.

But a much more improved version.

CHQ was built with its main focus on being able to easily create stores that convert. Period.

Everything from the themes to the inbuilt apps is geared towards you getting more sales from the same traffic.

If you could increase your revenue without increasing your ad costs would you?

Of course you would.

That’s what this platform is about.

CommerceHQ is an all in one eCommerce solution

The next thing you should know is everything you need in a eCom platform is built into CHQ.

From the apps. abandoned cart software, advanced reporting features, one click up-sells, free themes and a visual store builder plus much more.

You don’t need to do or add anything from third-party providers.

With the likes of Shopify and other platforms, you need to pay for third-party apps and that will increase your monthly cost.

Plus it’s a pain to deal with multiple support teams when things go wrong.

With everything being under CommerceHQ it’s much easier to fix any issues if any arise.

Everything is included in one simple monthly payment

As mentioned before there are no extra costs when you use this platform.

EVERYTHING is included in the price.

When you use Shopify for example you can rack up a heft monthly bill.

Paying for Apps, themes and payment processing fees really add up.

With Commerce HQ you don’t need to worry about that.

Another great thing is…

You can have multiple stores under one account

This an image showing that you can have multiple stores under one account with Commerce HQ

The first thing I did when I joined shopify before making the switch to Commerce HQ was looking to see where you can add more domains under one account.

It turns out you have to create a new account for each new store. Racking up more charges in the process.

If you have 3 stores with Shopify and include the monthly app costs you could be talking $450-$600+ a month.

You can have 3 stores under one account if you use the link at the bottom of this page.

Perfect if you want to create multiple stores.


There are plenty of great Apps to boost your conversion rate

This is a screen shot showing how does commerce HQ work with a list of the apps included with Commerce HQ
This is one of the best things about using Commerce HQ.

All these apps are included and more are coming as you read this.

Here’s the apps you can use to increase your conversion rates. I’ve also included their purpose.

  • Security Badge App – (Trust building app)
  • Timer Widget  (Urgency app)
  • Quantity Left App – (Scarcity app)
  • Recent Purchase Notifications App – (Social proof app)
  • Abandoned Checkout Recovery App  (Recovers lost sales)
  • Related Products Up-sells – (Increase AOV (Average order value)
  • One Click After Checkout Up-sells  (Increase AOV (Average order value)
  • Review App – (Social proof app & trust building App)
  • Shipping Plus App  Great for Free + Shipping
  • Product Customizer App – Perfect if you sell customizable products. Engraved jewelry for example.
  • Promo Bar App Add promotional bars at the top of your pages.
  • Checkout Timer (Urgency app)
  • Lead Capture Overlay Build overlays that can capture emails from your store customers upon exit.
  • Plus more.

As you can see there’s plenty for you to use to increase your revenue without adding any costs to your business.

There you go.

Hopefully that explains how does Commerce HQ work.

You’ll find Commerce HQ easy to use

A screen shot showing the video tutorial section in CHQ.

People who use this platform usually find it very easy to use.

You’ll find everything is very straightforward and intuitive.

There’s also a full video tutorial for every feature available in the backend of your store in the help section. (pictured above)

You’ll be able to watch the videos and see how to set up your store and add all apps with ease. 

You’ll have no excuse for not setting up an awesome high converting store!

There you go.

Hopefully, that explains how does Commerce HQ work.

You Can Get 2 Free Stores With Your Account

Click here to get 3 stores for the price of the one store plan.

Follow the instructions on that page you’ll get 2 extra stores included at no extra cost. 

You don’t need to opt-in or anything to get that deal. Just make sure you follow the instructions as you don’t want to do it wrong and not get the extra stores. 

Thanks, and enjoy! 

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Gabriel I. Preda June 17, 2019 - 5:08 pm


I like overall what CommerceHQ (or perhaps its Store Formula) has to offer, however,CommerceHQ doesn’t offer a suggested list of products like its Store Formula does, the latter being sold at almost $1000 as a lump sum. Jon and his team know what products sell best, however, that is not included in the CommerceHQ.

I am also so confused on the shipping and tax rules which I thought they could have automated or suggested as defaults.

Very unsettling that Store Formula is not offered on a monthly subscription basis like CommerceHQ is, since the former’s lumps sum price is almost the same as paying for CommerceHQ for about one year which can be afforded by more people.

Alan Young June 26, 2019 - 1:54 pm

Hey there, Store Formula is a training program by Jon Mac which is different to the platform Jon and Vlad created. Store Formula is eCommerce training specifically for dropshipping.

I can understand how you got it confused. If you already know about eCom then you just need a platform to run your store and CHQ is a great platform for that.

If you are a total newbie then Store Formula which Jon offers is great. Hower there plenty of other eCom training available without the $1000 price tag.

That’s ultimately up to you. Thanks!


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