CommerceHQ Success Stories – Testimonials

by Alan Young

Hey it’s Alan Young here and in this article I’m going to Share you some CommerceHQ success stories.

If you don’t know whether you should go for Commerce over Shopify then these success stories will no doubt give you the confidence that you will get good results with this amazing E-commerce platform.

In the short time this platform has been available to the market people have got tremendous success with CommerceHQ.

The conversion rate that you can get with CHQ and it’s apps are phenomenal. This CommerceHQ success stories will show you that.

Enjoy These CommerceHQ Success Stories

So let’s get started and show you these testimonials so you can see for yourself how good CHQ is.

Firstly Jon “The eCom Don” Mac posted this testimonial for a user of this platform who has reached over $1 Million in sales with CommerceHQ.

Isabel used to use Shopify then switched over to CommerceHQ and loves it. These results were from May to October which is amazing!

CommerceHQ Succes story

Next this is Chris who posted in the CommerceHQ facebook group that he’s achieving reaching $2k+ days and only in 6 weeks!

Next, we have Tyler who posted his success story of how his store is now getting over $169000 in sales in his last 30 days.

He’s now gone on to achieve over $1Million in sales which his store. You can check that out in the Cash Flow For Life FB group.

This is Derek and he’s managed to hit…

$2K days in just 6 days with being with CommerceHQ. WOW!

Lynn was new to eCommerce and is now close to reaching her goal of $500 days.

She’s already close to $10k months which is amazing for an eCom newbie 🙂

$5k days within the first month of using CHQ

Matej is reaching nearly $5k days within the first month of using CHQ. That’s mind-blowing!

Nearly 6% Conversion Rate with this CommerceHQ success story!

This shows you how well this platform converts! Well done to Jonas!

Finally, the legend himself Jon “The eCom Don” Mac is hitting $100K a week with this platform.

There’s nothing that puts confidence in a platform more than the co-founder getting killer results proving what’s possible with CommerceHQ.

Also what do you think of the new updated Dashboard in Jons Success story? Great isn’t it!


So there’s you have it. Plenty of CommerceHQ success stories for you see how great CommerceHQ is.

This really is a great platform. Here are some of the cool benefits of this eCommerce platform:

1. High converting free themes right out of the box
2. Built-in free apps designed to get you more average order value
3. Super fast site loading times that are responsive on all mobile devices
4. 1-click upsells AFTER checkout
5. Multiple stores all inside the same account
6. ZERO transaction fees

If you want to get join the CommerceH-crew (like what I did there 🙂 then you can get 2 free stores with your plan if you sign up with my discount link.

You need to sign up from the home page to get this offer that’s only available with the special link,

And don’t worry you’ll still get the 14-day trial but you need to sign up on the home page where it says $99 for 3 stores.

So remember to sign up with the home page button when you sign up for CommerceHQ


I hope you liked this article and if you know anyone who would like to see it then please share. Thanks till the next time 🙂

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