Commerce HQ Apps – What Apps Does Commerce HQ Have?

by Alan Young

So what are the Commerce HQ apps?  There’s quite a few. And they’re all built in for free. The apps I’m about to share are all the only ones that you’ll need.

What are the Commerce HQ Apps?

Image showing a list of all the commerce hq apps

As of writing this, there are 13. And I know there’s more on the way.

You’ve got social proof apps. Scarcity apps. Trust apps and plenty more.

The Commerce HQ apps that are built in are there to boost your conversions.

Firstly you have…

Social Proof Apps

There’s a few to help built trust with social proof.

You’ve got the

Recent Purchase Notification App. This pops up a little box showing that someone’s just purchased from your store. If people see that others are buying from your store they’ll have the confidence to also purchase from your store.

screen shot showing the Recent purchase notification Commerce HQ app


Review App. This show’s all reviews under your product description area. Again this helps build buyer trust. If you don’t have any reviews then you can get them from AliExpress and add them to your store.

image showing the commercehq review app

Next, we have…

Scarcity Apps

These apps help give a sense of urgency.

If your potential customer feels like the offer will finish or run out soon then they’ll be much more likely to buy now.

You’ve got the…

Countdown Timer App. This app allows you to display a countdown timer on the product page. This gives a sense of urgency to act now before the offer ends.

Image showing the Countdown timer app. Another example of the commerce hq apps

Quantity Left App. This displays a quantity of a product left and decreases as the visitor is on your site. Nothing gives a sense of urgency than the thought of the product running out before they decided to purchase from you. (Can be seen above the countdown timer above)

There’s also…

Trust building Apps

Security Badge App. Placing a trusted logo badge image on your store builds trust so your visitor can feel safe when deciding to purchase from you.

There’s plenty to choose from.

Image showing the security badge app

Those 3 areas are key for a high converting store.

Social proof, urgency, and trust.

Just these will explode your sales and conversions.

There are plenty more Apps

I won’t put an image up of all these Commerce HQ apps as this page will never load with all the images. But here are the others.

Product Customizer App. You can sell products that have customizations. A bracelet with an engraved name for example.

Shipping Plus App. You can set up custom shipping price for your products. Perfect for free plus shipping offers.

Checkout Timer App. Another app to build a sense of urgency by placing a “your order is reserved for xxx mins” countdown timer at the checkout.

Lead Capture Overlay App. Allows users to build pop up overlays that can capture emails from your visitors upon exit. Good for following up later with emails and getting that sale.

Abandoned checkout App. Follow up with awesome email campaigns to recover those lost leads. You can split test campaigns to raise your abandoned checkout recovery rate. This is a must-have app.

Plus More!!

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These Apps cost you nothing with Commerce HQ

No need to add hundreds of dollars a month to your bill.

Commerce HQ believes these should be free with your package and not added to your bill like Shopify does.

Also because all apps are built in-house your store won’t crash or slow down because of using third-party apps.

Your store will convert better!

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So there you have it.

Now you’ve seen most of the Commerce HQ apps. All free and included in your package.

There is more so make sure to check it out.

Lastly, I thought I’d mention…

You’ll love the Visual Store Builder

Screenshot of the Visual Store Builder

CommerceHQ released a drag and drop Visual Builder which will revolutionalize the eCom industry.

You can build your own stores and product pages just how you want them.

This alone is worth the price of CHQ but with all the Commerce HQ Apps as well, it’s a no-brainer!

Get two free stores when you sign up to Commerce HQ

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There’s no opt-in or anything like that. It’s pretty straightforward.

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Thanks for reading this and I’ll look forward to hearing about your success!


Alan Young

P.S Make sure you take action and use all these awesome apps with your store. It won’t cost you any more, but it will get you more sales, meaning more money!

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