13 Powerful Chrome Extensions That Every Blogger Must Have

by Alan Young

When was the last time you had a dozen open tabs on your browser, or you forgot your password? 

If you’re like I was, then I’m sure it wasn’t too long ago. 

The good news is I’ve got 13 must have Chrome Extensions that once you use you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

Buy the end of this article you’ll have every Chrome Extention that a blogger needs, right at your disposal. 

And to make it even better…

They can all be used free!

So without further ado…

13 Must-Have Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is an absolute miracle worker for me.

The number of spelling mistakes and grammar errors I make before I use Grammarly to edit my posts would blow your mind.

I have a strict rule when creating a post, and that is to not backspace (not even once) till I’ve written the first draft of an article.

Once I’ve done that I go back and edit the article, and Grammarly helps me massively as my article is usually an English teachers nightmare.

Get Grammarly here.

2. Pocket

Ever have your browser open with dozens of tabs because you’ve got articles you want to go back and check at some point?

Why am I even asking, if you’re a blogger, then of course you do!

Pocket is a great little tool to save all the articles you want to go back and check later in one place.

When you see a great article you want to check later, you can simply save it to your pocket.

Then when you get round to it, you can check pocket to see all the articles you saved.

So helpful when saving articles that you want to use for inspiration later on.

Get Pocket here.

3. Keywords Everywhere 

This is a great free SEO tool.

When you search a term in Google, Keywords Everywhere will tell you the search volume for that keyword and it will also show you a bunch of related keywords.

This is great when doing keyword research.

You can find new keywords with the recommended keywords and also the competition level to see how hard it’ll be to rank.

Plus it helps to know roughly how many searches per month (if any) a keyword has.

Get Keywords Everywhere here.

4. Tailwind 

This is great if you are using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog.

It helps you schedule all your pins to all the boards you have.

It’s such a time saver as manually pinning is so time-consuming.

There are some really cool features with Tailwind, like the Pin looping feature and Tribes (which are like group boards).

It’s defo worth using if you are utilizing Pinterest traffic. It’s got a free and paid version which are excellent.

Get Tailwind here.

5. ColorPick Eye Dropper

This is great if you work with Canva as sometimes you want to color match elements of the image you are creating.

Sometimes it can be really hard to get the exact color that you are trying to get. 

With this tool, it’s super easy. 

You simply click the browser icon then hover your cursor over the color you want to know, then it’ll tell you the color code. 

Once you know that, you can put it into Canva and voila, you have an exact color match that you wanted. 

Get ColorPick Eye Dropper here. 

6. LastPass 

I’ve just come across this and I love it.

LastPass, an award-winning password manager, which saves your passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device.

Just add the extension and you’ll be able to easily log in to any site you have saved.

The good thing with this is,

You can have more complex passwords and different passwords for each site as you’ll only need to remember one password – your LastPass master password.

I used to only have one password for all my logins as I would forget them otherwise.

Now I have multiple passwords which is much safer.

Get LastPass here.

7. Headings Map

This is another SEO tool that helps you see your Headings map.

Sometimes if you’re doing keyword research and you’ve got an article you want to outrank, it’s good to see their Header structure.

Also when you’ve written your draft, you can check your Headings make sense.

Sometimes when I check my heading structure it doesn’t make sense so I’ll go and change them quickly.

When you see it on the map it becomes much easier to see if it looks right or not.

Get Headings Map Here.

8. Word Counter Plus 

When you’re trying to find out if an article is worth trying to rank for and how much work it will take to beat it, the word count is one of the first things I look at.

If the article is 2100 words in the top spot of google for a specific keyword then I would try to write a better article at 2700 words.

This app literally just lets you know the word count and nothing else.

Simplicity at it’s best!

Get Word Counter Plus here.

9. Mozbar

Again if you are doing keyword research and you’re trying to work out the keyword difficulty then DA (domain authority) and PA (page authority) are key factors which will determine how difficult it will be to rank for a keyword.

When you use this chrome extension you’ll see the DA and PA when checking google.

You can also get insights into Backlink analysis.

I only use the free version of this tool which is good enough for what most people need.

Get Mozbar here.

10. WhatFont – For font pairing 

Have you ever came across a website that you loved their fonts?

I have, and I spent hours trying to work out what font they were using.

In fact, the fonts on this site I came across on another site and I loved them so much I decided to use them myself.

This tool helps you easily identify a font by hovering your cursor over the font you want to check.

You’ll know instantly what it is and then you could try it out on your own blog.

Get WhatFont here.

11. SEO Quake 

SEO Quake is the last SEO tool extension I show you (I promise).

This is a more all-round SEO tool that you can see a pages wordcount, keyword density, headings structure and more.

This is probably one of the better tools but you don’t see all the info directly on the extension.

You need to click the Chrome Extention icon which then opens up a new page with all the info on.

I use this tool when I’m doing in-depth research.

Get SEO Quake here.

12. FireShot Lite

If you need to take a quick screenshot then have it automatically save to your device then this is the tool for you.

When creating this article I’ve added a bunch of screenshots that I took using Fireshot Lite.

Just click the icon, mark the area you want a screenshot of, then snap it. It’s that simple.

When you just need to take a quick screenshot and save it to your computer then FireShot is your tool!

Get FireShot here.

13. Marinara: Pomodoro® Assistant

This is my secret weapon when it comes to powerful productivity.

Using the Pomodoro method when working helps you stay ultra-focused on the task you are doing.

You work in 25 minutes blocks with a 5 min break.

When I work like this,

I work with total focus on the task at hand.

When the timer beeps I take 5 mins away to relax and take my mind of the work then when the timer beeps again, I get straight back to working distraction free.

Every 4th timer you get a longer 15-minute break.

Once you start using the Pomodoro timer extension you’ll wonder how you ever worked without it.

Get Marinara: Pomodoro® Assistant here.

So there you have it…

13 Chrome Extensions that I’m sure you’ll wonder how did you ever live without them!

Know any more chrome extensions that bloggers will Love?

If so, leave a comment below and I might update this list with your recommendation.


And feel free to also give this a pin as these Chrome Extensions have helped me massively and I’m sure they’ll help other bloggers as well.

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13 Powerful Chrome Extensions That Every Blogger Must Have

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Thanks for the list of useful extensions. I’m already using some of them, but there were a couple that were new to me. Great stuff!

Alan Young February 6, 2019 - 12:09 pm

Awesome glad you discovered some new ones. Thanks for stopping by!


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