9 Quick And Easy Ways to Make Money From Home in 2021

by Alan Young

9 Quick and easy ways to make money from home in 2019If you’re looking for some legitimate quick and easy ways to make money from your home then these 9 ideas will help you do that.

Sometimes we need a quick bit of cash and sometimes we want to make it as easily as possible. 

And that’s fair enough. 

You may be a college kid who’s already using most of the time studying so you just want to earn some easy money in your spare time

Or you may be a stay at home Mom who’s busy with the kids and needs some easy ways to make money from home.

Something that can be done when it suits you, not someone else.

Whatever the reason is, I have some good options for you.

There’s 9 in total.

Just pick the ones you want to try and get making some quick easy cash. 

So, let’s get stuck in…

1. Complete surveys.

This may sound too good to be true. But believe me and tens of thousands of others, that’s it’s not.

You can actually get paid cash to complete surveys with companies such as Survey Junkie. 

Survey Junkie pays you cash for every survey you complete. 

Survey Junkie is also very trusted. They have a Trust Score of 8.7/10 on Trust Pilot.

With 8000+ reviews they are the highest rated survey site out there

Also, the surveys can be fun and enjoyable. 

Just sit at home with a cuppa and start filling out surveys for cash.

Click here to join Survey Junkie and start making some easy money at home.

2. See if you’re owed cashback.

Paribus is a great simple and easy way to get some cash.

If you shop online then there’s a good chance you can start receiving some cash back for your purchases. 

If you’ve purchased something, then the price drops, you could be eligible to receive cash back on your purchase.  

The great thing is, Paribus is 100% free to use.

Paribus does all the hard work for you.

When you sign up to Paribus, it scans your emails for purchase receipts within the last 30 days and if there are any eligible claims, then Paribus will detect them and let you know.

THEY will then speak to the companies on your behalf and get the cash back you are owed deposited directly into your bank account. 

This doesn’t cost you anything and you get 100% of the cash back owed. 

Sign up for Paribus and see if you’re owed any money.

3. Get cashback on the usual day to day stuff you buy.

There’s a cool app called Ibotta that gives you cash back on things you usually buy.

All you need to do is take pictures of your shopping receipts!

That’s it.

It’s cash back for things you normally buy anyway. 

You’ve got literally nothing to lose, just money to gain!

Sign up to Ibotta here and start getting cash back today.

4. Install an APP on your phone for money.

Get paid $50 per year per device to install an APP.


It doesn’t get easier than that. 

If that doesn’t sound like too much hard work then give it a go 🙂

Click here to sign up and make some quick cash.

5. Get paid for watching videos online.

Join Swagbucks!

Swagbucks is a company that actually pays you in cash and gift cards to watch videos online.

Crazy right?

Most people do this every day already, so why not get paid for it!

Swagbucks has already paid over £189,000,000 to its users and you could earn money too.

Click here to sign up to Swagbucks and start earning cash for watching videos now.

6. Rent your spare room on Airbnb

If you have a spare room or two then this can be a great way to earn some quick easy money.

Put your spare room on Airbnb and you can make some decent money.

You can make some pretty good money.

Depending on your rooms you can earn $100’s a night

That can be $1000’s a month all from the comfort of your own home. 

Pretty sweet ay?

If this sound’s like a bit of you, then…

Sign up to be an Airbnb host here.

7. Host a garage sale

This is a quick easy way to make money from your home. 

You’ll prob only be able to do this a few times a year but you can make some good money for each one you hold. 

You’ve probably got so much more than you realize in your house that you don’t need or use that someone else is happy to pay you cash for. 

I was sooo surprised when I had a clear out of how much I actually had.

If you have a lot of friends and family then you could ask them if there’s some old stuff they don’t want anymore and offer to take it off their hands for free. 

Then sell it at your garage sale for some extra cash

8. Sell your old stuff on eBay.

This is sorta like the last one, but you sell your unwanted stuff on eBay

The only thing is, it’s not 100% from home as you’ll need to leave your house to go to the post office to post the items you sell. 

The good thing though when selling on eBay, you’ll have more people see the stuff that you have for sale in comparison to having a yard sale.

I had loads of old computer games from my Sega and Playstation that got me a few hundred dollars. 

I got more money on eBay than I would have got from a yard sale. 

Click here to head over to eBay to sell your unwanted stuff.

9. Offer Gigs On Fiverr

If you look on Fiverr, you’ll see gigs for almost anything.  

Can you make logos on Photoshop? Then you can make money on Fiverr!

Good at Morgan Freeman impressions? Then you can STILL make money on Fiverr.

Just take a look at these gigs on Fiverr.

One of those gigs has had 1000+ gigs at $10 a pop!

That’s the good thing with Fiverr, you can offer almost anything as a gig (within reason) and make money.

And not all gigs are $5 as you can see above. 

Rack your brains, see what you can offer, and…

Sign up to Fiverr and start making money today.

Feel free to give this post a pin if you want to come back later and try any of these out.

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